Proposed ATV/UTV Routes

The town is currently in the process of reviewing a draft ordinance regarding the use of ATVs and UTVs within our community. This ordinance aims to establish guidelines and regulations to ensure the safe and responsible operation of these vehicles.

The review of the draft ordinance will take place in a workshop meeting on Wednesday, June 28th. No final decisions will be made at the workshop. The planning commission will also thoroughly examine the proposed ordinance on the 29th of June. This additional review is a vital step in ensuring the ordinance aligns with the town’s overall development plans. The planning commission will only make a recommendation to the town board regarding the ordiance.

Ultimately, the town board aims to make a well-informed decision on the ordinance at their upcoming meeting on July 10th. During this meeting, the board will carefully consider all the feedback received, the recommendations of the planning commission, and the best interests of the town as a whole. We are committed to ensuring that this decision is made in a transparent and inclusive manner.

To assist you in understanding the details of the proposed ordinance, we have created a shared Google folder where you can access the board’s meeting materials. The folder includes the draft ordinance, Exhibit A, which provides a list of the proposed roads to be opened for ATVs and UTVs, as well as the agenda and other pertinent materials. Please note that we are not trained cartographers, but we have included an image to help illustrate the proposed routes with their corresponding speed limits. The red routes, primarily located within subdivisions, represent 25 mph zones, while the blue routes encompass the proposed 35 mph routes across other areas.

Similarly, this link goes to a shared Google folder with the planning commission’s meeting materials.

We greatly appreciate your engagement and involvement in this process; your perspectives will greatly assist the town in shaping an ordinance that reflects the needs and concerns of our community. Thank you for your insights, and we look forward to your active participation in the upcoming reviews and decision-making process.